Find the best senior care options for your parents

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Finding a proper facility or home for an elderly family member often means supplementing what you can do with what your community can offer. Fortunately for the communities of southwestern Ohio there is Personal Senior Care Homes. Most people think there is no other way to learn about senior care options than to head out on the internet and do your own research. The time spent gaining a good understanding of adult care residences means steering through many options particularly for aging parents with various stages of Alzheimer Disease and Dementia.
Be aware of the best kind of senior care available

If your senior parent requires greater assistance – maybe for bathing or personal care – you need to be aware of special services that may be available to you at Personal Senior Care Homes of West Chester, OH.
For example, at Personal Senior Care Homes, we have a 1:5 staff to resident care ratio so our care far exceeds the standard. We are a Memory Care provider with activities appropriate for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that help keep residents active and engaged. Residents who are prone to wandering can also be accepted in our safe closely overseen homes.

Home health care works well, if all seniors’ care needs can be maintained, but unless there is a family member available all of the time, there may not be anyone there to help if a situation occurs.

While essential care needs might include bathing, grooming and dressing, seniors in an adult care residence benefit greatly from more constant companionship and the security of on demand care.

Residents in most senior care homes can add on required care services (for example, medication monitoring). Our staff know the residents, they offer professional suggestions where extra help or attention might be needed at no additional charge.
Be mindful of special circumstances

Your research may also identify potential potholes or special circumstances. For instance, seniors may need to look to private or company insurance packages to supplement services provided through the health-care system or they may qualify for health-care benefits under the Veterans Administration Care. We are experts in this area and can help guide families to have the best guidance for benefits and insurance payments.

Unfortunately, in this age of stress and busyness, children and their aging parents all too often find themselves in a crisis situation where multiple solutions are required and decisions must be made immediately. For many, it is like going down a steep road, negotiating twists and turns on the way in the dark. Personal Senior Care Homes offers three residential options. Our newest home is ready for occupancy and our staff is ready now to give loving and consistent care for your parent or loved one.

By making time now to plan for the future by identifying health-care sources and senior care options for your aging parents, you will have an essential and powerful advantage—a road map for your family, through the challenging terrain of retirement and nursing care. Please contact me directly for a tour of our homes today! Stephen Brock 513-870-9228

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