Stamp of Approval

“We knew instantly…”

“Once I toured Personal Senior Care Homes, we knew instantly that’s where my mother-in-law would be the most comfortable.”

— Mrs. Pat Deis-Gleeson

“Home is where your mother is…”

“Home is where your mother is and this works well for us. I don’t have to sign in, she’s just a few minutes away and I can get to her easily when she wants me to come.”

— Janet Raters

“This is the best-kept secret in care.”

This is the best-kept secret in care but it shouldn’t be a secret. 

— Heidi Soloria

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“The Most Cost Effective Alternative to
a Traditional Nursing Facility”

Multiple Award Winners

Multiple Award Winners

The annual Best of 2021 Awards recognize outstanding senior living and home care providers who have received consistently high ratings from residents and their families.

“Our Testimony to You”

I entered into the business of elder care because I decided that our homes, not facilities, would be homes offering superior  elder care! This meant I had to find homes senior friendly, residences that could be altered to specifically take into consideration the needs of the aging with special amenities, including handicap accessible doorways and bathrooms.

Our homes have met this standard particularly if your loved one is dealing with age related memory loss or behavioral issues.

This is a home just like the home you left, yet now with the support of the personal care you need close at hand. There are trained, certified caregivers, always just a few steps away with a nurse on staff full time. Most care institutions offer a 12 – 15 to one caregiver to resident ratio, we offer a 1:5 caregiver to resident ratio.

Because of this vision and mission we deliver for our residents! Families have comfort and peace of mind. This is the place and level of care my family will have when they need senior care. Care and assistance in a home environment is what we are all about!  We know if you are in need of care and assistance we offer the best at an all-inclusive fee!

“We want to be an extension of the family.” 

— Stephen Brock