We are committed to making the transition to Personal Senior Care Homes a smooth one!

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Questions you will want to ask:
How does the staff care for the residents?
Is the staff friendly?
Does the place feel comfortable?
How do the people who live there look?
Do they look clean and well cared for?
Are mealtimes comfortable?
Is the facility clean and well-maintained?
Does it smell bad?
Do staff members speak to residents with respect?

Ask the staff:
What activities are planned for residents?
How many staff members are at the facility? How many of needed care?
How many people in the facility have Alzheimer’s disease?
Is there a doctor who checks on residents on a regular basis? How often?

You also may want to ask the administrator:
What is a typical day like for the person with Alzheimer’s disease?
Is there a safe place for the person to go outside?
What is included in the fee?
How does my loved one get to medical appointments?

How to Make Moving Day Easier
Moving is very stressful. Moving the person with Alzheimer’s to a resident care home is a change for both the person and the caregiver. You may feel many emotions, from a sense of loss to guilt and sadness. You also may feel relieved. It is okay to have all these feelings. It’s important to know you have our support during this difficult step.

Here are some things that may help:
Know that the day can be very stressful.
Talk about your feelings about moving the person into a new place. Find out how to help the person with Alzheimer’s adjust.
Get to know the staff before the person moves into a facility
Talk with the staff about ways to make the change to the residential care home go better.
Don’t argue with the person with Alzheimer’s about why he or she needs to be there.

Once the person has moved to his or her new home, check and see how the person is doing. As the caregiver, you probably know the person best. Look for signs that the person may need more attention. Build a relationship with staff so that you work together as partners.

For a personalized tour of our homes please contact Steve Brock at 513-870-9228

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